The internet enabled anyone to publish at practically zero cost, and we now have access to millions of sources of written, audible and video content.

This abundance of information allows us to stay up to date or learn about practically any topic.

However, our tools to collect and consume this information have fallen behind.

A little over 2 years ago, we embarked on a mission to build a radically better reader. Since then, we iterated and worked through hundreds of feature requests with an incredible group of beta testers.

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal what we’ve been working on!

Collect any type of content in a single library

Great information gets overlooked and lost every day in our browser tabs, email inbox, podcast queue and many other places. This content shouldn’t linger in multiple apps and platforms.

Upnext makes it really easy to save articles, blog posts, newsletters, twitter threads, podcast episodes, videos and PDFs. You can now save practically anything to a single library.

Our parsing technology allows you to enjoy all your content without distractions, track progress and add annotations.

Actually get through the things you save

Our interests and priorities change over time and great content is easily lost in a pile of old stuff.

Your saves could be worth spending time with, but it should not be another todo list.

Upnext helps you actually get to the content you save, by making it easy to organize content in “playlists”, apply filters on your library and triage with our review tool.

Our upcoming ML models will automatically categorize anything you save, to make you library self-organizing and let you focus on a particular topic.

Sharing what you learn or discover with others

Knowledge development is largely a single-player game. In a world where we have access to billions of pieces of information, we believe the ability to share curated lists and insights are crucial to streamline our learning journeys.

Upnext let you share a list of content, or your annotations with anyone in just a few taps.

Upnext is available for iOS, via our web app and browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Brave.

We are just getting started, and couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead!

Install on Testflight

Our beta is currently only available via Testflight.
Install Testflight first, if you don't have it yet. Then use above link to install Upnext, don't use "Redeem" option.