Sunsetting Upnext

Since we founded Upnext, our mission to simplify your digital life and conquer information overload has been our guiding star. Today, we're sharing news that marks both an end and a new beginning: we will be sunsetting the Upnext app on March 1st.

This difficult decision comes after much reflection on our journey and the path ahead.

Over the past few years, we learned the hard way why read-it-later apps continue to be a niche product 16 years after Read It Later (now Pocket) first launched. Adopting a new habit to save content in a new app and users’ wide range of workflows make it really tough to thrive in this category.

Last summer we started experimenting with AI technologies to see how these could further our mission to solve information overload. This led us to launch Brief and subsequently acquire Mailbrew late last year. The engagement and growth we've seen over the past months underscores that this is a better direction for our company moving forward.

We're really grateful for the many loyal fans who helped us build a great product. But unfortunately, we don't see a viable path forward for the Upnext app today.

What This Means for Upnext users:

Export Your Data
Your trust was the foundation of Upnext. Ensuring you retain access to your curated content, we've made it easy to export all your data.
We recommend Matter and Readwise Reader as great alternatives.

Premium access
To express our gratitude, current Upnext subscribers will receive premium access to Mailbrew and Brief till the end of 2024. Just reach out to to request access.

All subscriptions have been cancelled, and refunds will be issued for users on our annual and bi-annual plans.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us on this journey. Your engagement, feedback, and support have been invaluable. As we shift our focus to Brief and Mailbrew, we hope you will join us in this exciting next chapter.

Change is never easy, but it's the soil in which growth thrives. Together, let's tune out the noise of the digital world, one read digest at a time.

Thank you,

The Upnext Team

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Our beta is currently only available via Testflight.
Install Testflight first, if you don't have it yet. Then use above link to install Upnext, don't use "Redeem" option.