Our mission

We are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of information.

Over the past 2 decades, we gained access to millions of sources of written, audible and video content allowing us to stay up to date or learn about practically any topic.

However, our tools to collect and consume this information have not kept up with this change.

Upnext’s mission is to empower customers to get to high-signal information, extract knowledge and share it with their peers.

We are working towards this by tackling the following problems:

Actually get to the great content you collect (or not!)
Being able to save any content with a few taps or clicks, often leads to an unwieldy mountain of content. We believe saving something for later is a signal that something could be worth spending time on, not a todo.

Many lists in many places
A reading list, the queue in our pod catcher, watch-it-later on Youtube, bookmarked threads on Twitter. The status quo is super inefficient, hard to track and often accompanied by algorithms vying for our attention. We believe all the content we want to get to (or keep a copy of) should live in a single place!

A lot of effort to keep things organized
We come across and collect information for work, our hobbies, parenting and many other areas of life. A long wash-list of saves is chaotic, and categorizing or labeling everything is very laborious. We believe your library should be self-organizing, so all you have to do is pick a topic and avoid context-switching.

Tapping into the hive mind
We have access to billions of pieces of information, yet knowledge development is a largely single-player game. We believe the reading lists, curations and annotations of our peers and experts should be open so we can compound our collective learning.

Our team is obsessed with solving these problems, so we can all have the content power-tool we deserve.

Install on Testflight

Our beta is currently only available via Testflight.
Install Testflight first, if you don't have it yet. Then use above link to install Upnext, don't use "Redeem" option.